As Founder and Chairman of the Sino Phil Asia International Peace Awards Foundation, it is my honor to thank the entire Georgia Senate, and especially Senator Emmanuel Jones of the 10th District of Atlanta, for Senate Resolution #443 passed on March 25, 2019.

This resolution commending recognizing the Sino Phil Asia International Peace Awards Foundation is warmly received by our board and our Peace Laureates.

Senator Jones deserves special applause in this endeavor. From US Army service to his days of peace negotiations on Mindanao Island, to his years of public service to the people of Atlanta and Georgia, to his chairing of the Martin Luther King Jr. Advisory Council to heading the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus, Senator Jones has dedicated his life to the safety, peace prosperity of the public he serves and the humanity of the world he embraces.

Here, we thank Senator Jones and commend the Georgia Senate for recognizing our Peace mission. This selflessness in bridging the people of Georgia and the United States with our friends in Asia and around the world is a true testament to the integrity of Senator Jones and the people of the Great State of Georgia.

Yours sincerely,

Sir Billy Chan

Chairman of the Board