Established in Manila, Philippines, the SINO PHIL ASIA INTERNATIONAL PEACE AWARDS FOUNDATION, INC. is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all humanity.

It was founded by healthcare professionals, academics, artists, journalists, policymakers and philanthropists from around the world with the mission of pooling their collective resources to empower leaders of peace from distinguished individuals to institutions.

With deep roots in China, the Philippines and Asia Pacific region, we bring a unique perspective of how peace manifests itself.

Our panel of independent jurists, from the region and globally, choose from a variety of significant categories to identify exceptional peacemakers through their outstanding achievements in their respective fields of expertise.

These categories are: • Creativity in Audio Visual Arts • Education • Environmental Responsibility • Healthcare and Medicine • Journalism • Performing Arts • Philanthropy • Public Service • Science and Technology • Sports

However, we do not choose to fill in all categories every year but instead select deserving individuals and organizational entities based on well-defined criteria and merits that will truly endow recognition and honor.

With our founding strategic partners, the Order of the Knights of Rizal, World Brothers Chapter, and Rotary Club International, Diliman Central Chapter, we aim to reinforce our strength and bring in more support from other international organizations as the Foundation evolves progressively.

The Order of the Knights of Rizal, being the oldest and solely recognized fraternal society established in 1911 and consequently created by law, i.e., Republic Act No. 646 of 1951, provides us with inspiration and guiding example of enduring longevity and dedicated honor based on the ideals and values of the great DR. JOSE RIZAL, such as love of humanity, peace and justice.

We look forward to the expansion of this Manifesto over the course of time in our endeavors.

Formally presented with pride and honor, the Founder of the SINO PHIL ASIA INTERNATIONAL PEACE AWARDS FOUNDATION, INC.

Sir BILLY C. CHAN, KCR Chairman of the Board

Commander, Lifetime Member World Brothers Chapter Order of the Knights of Rizal

Paul Harris Fellow member RC Diliman Central D-3780 Rotary Club International