06 February 2024

Winner of 2024 Sino Phil Asia International Heritage Award for Peacemaker

Head of Portuguese Royal House – His Royal Highness Dom Duarte Pio De Braganca – in the field of Leadership in Advancing Human Development (Portugal)

As the Head of the Portuguese Royal House, His Royal Highness Dom Duarte Pio of Braganza played a significant role in advocating for the independence of East Timor. His Royal Highness’ efforts in advancing human development were evident in his support for the self-determination and independence of East Timor, a former Portuguese colony. Dom Duarte Pio's leadership and initiatives helped to raise international awareness about the plight of the East Timorese people and contributed to the eventual independence of the nation. His commitment to advancing human development through the promotion of self-determination and sovereignty for East Timor has left a lasting legacy and has significantly impacted the region's journey towards independence and self-governance.


24th April 2020

Dear Board Members of the Sino Phil Asia International Peace Foundation

It is with great sadness to hear of the passing of our Peace Laureate, Dr. Hurley Myers at his home on April 23, 2020. He was surrounded by his wonderful family when the final stages of lung cancer claimed him. His legacy to medical education and peace will not be forgotten.

Dr. Myers was a pioneering physician, scientist, and charter faculty member at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. He co-founded DxR Development Group, Inc. in 1992. Dr. Myers’ developed a vision to couple problem-based learning tools delivered through software. This allowed medical students to practice clinical encounters and reason through patient problems virtually. This improved their skills and saved untold patient’s lives.

He served as president of the Illinois Affiliate of the American Heart Association and was a national board member for the AHA. He was given the American Heart’s prestigious Award of Merit and the Sino-Phil Asian International Peace Prize Foundation for his contributions to medical education.

Our condolences and prayers go out to his wife Brenda, their children Patrick Myers and Dana (Eric) Oberg, and five grandchildren.

Yours in peace,

Sir Billy Chan

Chairman of the Board, KCR

10th July 2020

Dear Board Members of the Sino Phil Asia International Peace Foundation

It is with great lament that I write to commemorate the passing of his eminence the late Senator Ramon Revilla Sr.

For his life’s legacy of cinematic arts and public service as a politician of the peoples of the Philippines, it was the humble honor of the Sino Phil Asia International Peace Foundation to posthumously award him at his funeral as a 2020 laureate.

His beloved son Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. received the award on his father’s behalf. We will cherish Senator Ramon Revilla Sr.’s memory as our special laureate during these terrible times.

Our condolences go out to the entire Revilla family in their mourning. When normalcy returns and we can all safely convene, we will be honoured to welcome the Revilla family to a special ceremony for a peace medal presentation in honor of the late Sen. Revilla Sr.

This summer, we also were able to present to the outgoing Hungarian Ambassador to the Philippines Dr József Bencze a peace prize. Ambassador Jozsef Bencze has served the peoples of Hungary dutifully as their national police chief and as a diplomat. He will be heading to his next assignment very soon as Ambassador of Hungary to Kosovo. Ambassador Bencze will be remembered in the Philippines in particular for his 2017 presentation of the Hungarian translation of Dr José Rizal’s patriotic poem, “Mi Ultimo Adios” at Fort Santiago, Intramuros.

I personally want to thank those board members in the Philippines who made time and effort to award both Senator Revilla Sr. and Ambassador Bencze on behalf of all of us around the world who cannot be there.

I hope and pray for the day to come when we can all be together again and properly celebrating peacemakers around the world.

In the meantime, I wish all of you courage and strength and prayers.

Yours in peace,

Sir Billy Chan
Chairman of the Board, KCR

3rd July 2020

Letter From The Office of Senator Ramon Bong Revilla Jr.